Home garden

This study focuses on the farmers’ practices observed in the home garden of Damot Sore, a Woreda belonging to the Wolayta Zone. It is avialable here: homeGarden

The main objectives of this study were the following:

  •   Define the notion of home garden as farmers understand it in Damot Sore;
  •   Document the different practices observed within these home gardens (allocated surfaces, cultivated crops, associations, fertilization…);
  •  Understand farmers strategies and assess the possible correlations between these strategies and farmers socio-economic status;
  •  Appreciate the evolution of cropping patterns in the home-gardens during the past years (particularly as regard to the recent droughts);
  •  When possible, identify original or innovative practices and traditional know-how (particularly as regards planting material conservation).

An important part of the study also concerns the management of the ensete production.