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LIEN internet LINK: “Poverty impedes cognitive functions” article from the Journal of Science


Articles intéressants sur l'impact de la pauvreté et des soucis d'argent (et aussi sur l'impact de l'argent sur le comportement...)

Interesting article, (though the French title is really bad); the key information is that “poverty-related concerns consume mental resources, leaving less for other tasks” ie poverty-related concerns don’t reduce mental resources but divert them (the study conducted with peasants before and after harvest is an interesting illustration of this).

Interesting information for many of our programs, microcredit, microsavings, but also water point maintenance, education, agriculture, health…

“Poverty impedes cognitive functions” Abstract:

For English-speaking readers: Poverty and all its related concerns require so much mental energy that the poor have less remaining brainpower to devote to other areas of life, according to research based at Princeton University.

For French-speaking readers


Des études (Université de Harvard, Université de Berkeley...) montrent que l'argent aurait aussi un impact sur la psychologie et le comportement des personnes: moins d'empathie, plus d'addictions... 

for English readers: the impact of money on behaviour & psychology: