Collaboration between NGOs: using Baseflow’s video materials to sensitize about preventive maintenance

BASEflow is a Malawian organization, founded in 2017, that is working to improve the sustainability of groundwater sources in rural Malawi. 4 fields of intervention:

  • Catchment protection
  • Capacity building
  • Social enterprise
  • Preventative maintenance

BASEflow has created a series of animated short videos focused on the story of groundwater in Malawi. Our colleague Macmillan, project manager in the Central region used one of them, about preventative maintenance of handpumps in rural Malawi – called ‘Handpumps Everywhere, yet not a drop to drink?’. It was a way to promote the benefits of preventative maintenance as part of encouraging 82 participants, from Dowa, Kasungu, Mchinji and Ntchisi districts, to have service contracts with local water mechanics.



This is a real pleasure to collaborate between NGOs sharing the same objective of sustainable access to water.

Find the video below…