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General Overview

AMList all related tools for the identification, training, follow-up of Area Mechanics.

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Listing of tools and documents related to Area Mechanics

Selection / recruitment

  • Interviews guidelines
  • Agreement / contracts
  • Agreement for bicycles


  • Initial AM Afridev training – spare part definition
  • Malda training
  • Bicycle training
  • Refresher Afridev training
  • Security systems
  • Fishing method
  • Water points guidelines
  • Explanation on the preventive contracts


  • Quotations books
  • Price lists                                                                        
  • Contracts books
  • Identification cards
  • Flyers

Monitoring & Evaluation

Quantitative Qualitative

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Area Mechanic Selection

bouton Selection

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The Area Development Committee – ADC and traditional authorities are asked to do a pre-selection of persons who could be potential AMs with recommendations from District Water Officer. This pre-selection have to take into considerations where the needs are, i.e. where the persons would have to be located to tackle a catchment with an important but manageable density of hand pumps (more than 100 hand pumps is difficult), considering also the radius of activity and topography-accessibility.

All ppt workshop2

The example of this Map of Dowa district illustrates the brainstorming done for the distribution of AMs (red stickers) and shops (green labels)

Oral interviews are conducted jointly with DWO, the ADC chairman, and Health Surveillance Assistant HAS (15 to 20 min. per candidate).

Criteria of selection include technical knowledge, but also abilities to communicate with water points’ users, dedication for development and helping the community, capable of reading, writing, counting, willingness to develop such business…Some written tests are also conducted.

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BASEDA guidelines interview AM interview formicon_pdf

AMs’ Trainings

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Area Mechanics training are done through a participatory approach with 80% dedicated to practical and real field situations.  The initial training deals with 2 VLOM pumps as designated by the Malawi Government namely, Afridev and MALDA hand pumps.

Demand generated refresher trainings are organized to update AM skills in pump repairs. We organize quarterly review meetings to offer AMs an opportunity to share technical challenges and field experiences providing additional ways in improving AMs’ skills.

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