What is an Area Mechanic ?

Area Mechanics or Hand Pump technicians are able to repair or diagnose hand pump within their catchment area. One hand pump technician has from 50 to 100 hand pumps to cover, mostly Afridev ones (some districts are also equipped with Malda pumps).

AM en train de scierThey can intervene in case of breakdown but they are also proposing contracts for servicing to help the community for preventive maintenance (3 to 4 visits a year).

They are officially recognized by the government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development.

Area Mechanics are identified and then trained by Inter Aide or BASEDA / TIMMS by looking for skilled persons among the communities and according also to the recommendations of the Water department and District Council. This is also taking into account the needs in the area targeted : number of pumps that one person can supervised, according to distances and accessibility, avoiding also competitions between AMs so that each how them can gain benefits from this activity.

In 2016, there are 388 AMs in Malawi who have been trained by Inter Aide – BASEDA – TIMMS, see details on the map.

The complete list of AMs (and partners shops) for 2016 is available here: BROCHURE List of all AM SHOPS