Evolution of the progression of the maintenance services from 2008 to 2013

The following document summarizes the results of follow-up of number of interventions of the Area Mechanics as well as the evolution of purchases from the partners’ shops since 2008 in the district of Salima, Mchinji, Dowa and then since 2011 in Ntchisi and Kasungu up to end of 2013.

image synthèse 2013illustration synthèse

You can also go on Pratiques website : www.interaide.org/pratiques/sites/default/files/synthesis_maintenance_services_ia_malawi_-_feb_2015.pdf

In brief, concerning Area Mechanics…

It has been observed  a progression since the beginning to reach almost 2 000 contracts a year in total (all AMs and all 5 districts included). Salima is the district where there is more interventions.

evolution AM 2008 2013repartition AM 2008 2013

1 pump for 4 has been repaired or maintained by an Area Mechanic.

In brief, concerning Shops and evolution of sales…

These figures are the number of spares parts that the shops bought to Inter Aide who was linking at that time (before the creation of RUWASO) suppliers and small shops.

Except in Salima, which after a high peak there was a decrease, the purchases (and therefore the sales by the customers) have increased. 

sales shops 2008 2013sales 5 wearing parts

Same follow up but only for the year 2013 has been made by BASEDA and TIMMS:

Next post will summarizes the evolution in terms of profit for AM and shops…